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The plumbing or drainage system is inside the wall or underground. Therefore, detecting where the leakage is not easy. For Water Leak Detection Service in Bondi, you should call us. We at Plumbing Bondi are experts in detecting and fixing leaking pipes and drains. Identifying where the pipe is leaking is not easy. It needs appropriate tools, machines and skills to detect any leak. Our professionals have everything that is required for this job. They provide you with incredible service.

You can book our service on any day, any time as our helpline number is active for 24*7. Therefore, it becomes very convenient to book our water leak detection services. We are just a call away.

Why Should You Call Professionals For Water Leak Detection Bondi Service?

Identifying the source of the leak is difficult. The plumbing system of most of the home and office goes through the walls and underground. They are not visible. Therefore, identifying the source of leakage becomes difficult. Professionals are well-tutored and have tools and devices that help in detecting the leakage in any plumbing system. The professionals identify and fix the leakages effortlessly and efficiently. You should not try to detect and fix any leakage by yourself. After all, the results obtained are not up to the mark because not everyone possesses the required training, skills and devices required for this process. Therefore, you should call professionals like us who are experts and offer the best water leak detection service.

The Types Of Technology and Equipment Used By Us

Our Professional Plumbers use various techniques for detecting the leakage in a plumbing system. The common types of technology and equipment used are:

  1. Drain cameras: With the help of the drain CCTV, it becomes easy to detect the leakage. The camera is inserted inside the drainage system and the leak is detected with the help of the video capturing done by the camera.
  2. Acoustic technique: In this method, an acoustic sensor is placed inside the drainage system. This sensor records the water leaking sound and helps in identifying the leakage source.
  3. Pressure testing: In this method, the pressure of water is examined to detect the leakage.
  4. Thermal imaging camera: This camera can detect temperature differences. The change in thermal imaging pattern helps in detecting leaks.
  5. Radio pipe locator: This method is used for underground drains. An electromagnetic frequency is transmitted through the pipes. The change in the frequency of the electromagnetic waves helps in detecting leaks.

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