5 Plumbing Checklist Before Buying A New House

The plumbing checklist you must pay atention

Take a moment to picture finding the house of your dreams. The neighborhood is idyllic and there is ample space for your growing family. Having a fresh start in your life is something you are looking forward to. You will however find that one thing is being hidden from you by the sellers. There is a serious Plumbing issue with the property. The sellers, who want to sell their house but avoid losing money on fixing it, wish to keep it a dark secret until then. So, let us tell you about the top 5 Plumbing Checklist you should check before buying a new home.

What is a plumbing CoC checklist?

It is a list of plumbing installations that you must get checked when you buy a new house. CoC also known as certificate of compliance is a measure of authenticity that you have everything related to plumbing in the best condition and ready for use if they have been found correct during filling the plumbing inspection checklist form. The list includes installation, repair, and replacement checking of the following plumbing fittings:

  1. Hot water system
  2. Coldwater system
  3. Sanitary ware and sanitary fittings
  4. Below ground drainage system
  5. Above ground drainage system
  6. Rainwater disposal system

This checklist for plumbing inspection is enough to assure you that you will have safe and operational plumbing fittings and systems in the house. 


What is a maintenance checklist in plumbing?

A maintenance checklist is prepared as a result of the Plumbing CoC Checklist. It means the plumbers will notify you about the plumbing fittings and systems that require maintenance service immediately for their safe use. You can also use this maintenance checklist for seasonal plumbing system checking and repair. 

However, you can also get a rough plumbing inspection checklist if you have no desire to get help from experts and follow the Plumbing CoC Checklist. 

1. Check The Septic System 

The first thing on your Plumbing Checklist should be septic systems. Septic systems, rather than local sewers, must be checked to ensure they are working properly. A drain camera should be run through the system if this is what you want to do. Because these are installed close to the ground, they may corrode or become damaged by tree roots. Broken sewage pipes are almost always the cause of septic tank problems. Due to their close proximity to the surface, these are subject to corrosion and tree root penetration. For the proper inspection, you can take help from the Plumbing Inspection Service.

2. Check The Pressure Of Water 

One more thing that we often overlook while purchasing a new property is the water pressure. Thus, Checking The Pressure Of Water should be on your Plumbing Checklist. A fully working Plumbing System has the appropriate water pressure in all the water taps. If the water pressure is not right, or it is close to zero then, it could mean hidden internal pipe damage. The only reason for Low Water Pressure is the leak in the Plumbing System and clogged pipes. The cost to repair such damage can be high, so you need to properly check the water pressure to avoid it.

3. Is The Hot Water System In The Perfect Condition?

It can be expensive to replace this critical appliance after you move into a new home. So, we always say not to miss this on your plumbing checklist. If a water heater is not functioning properly, be sure to check for:

  • The tank’s surfaces are rusted or corroded.
  • The tank is making strange noises
  • Ventilations, inlet or outlet, with leaks.
  • The hot water tap is leaking muddy or sandy fluids.
  • In most cases, appliances last for 15 years (most are built to last for that long).

For proper inspection, you can reach out to your local Hot Water Plumbing Experts. They will inspect the entire system to detect whether anything is out of place or not.

4. Check The Working Of Shut Off Valve

A Water Shut-Off Valve is the main point that is used to control the supply of water. If it’s in the on position, it will allow the water to flow freely. And if it’s in an off position, it will stop the water supply. However, an older model of shut-off valve can have internal damage due to all the water that was flowing inside. So, a Water Shutoff Valve is one of the best things that is often found in not-so-great conditions. So, you should always check the condition of the Shut Off Valve before you purchase a new property.

5. Condition Of Toilet and Bathroom

Regardless of how flawless or expensive the toilet and bathroom might look, they are also the first thing to get damaged. And, the amount of damage can range from a minor leak to an entire malfunction. Thus, you must consider this in your plumbing checklist. If you purchase a property with a damaged toilet and bathroom, you will be faced with an unimaginable cost of repair. Because the repair for a broken toilet and bathroom can easily be four digits. For a detailed inspection, you should go for Toilet Plumbing Service and Bathroom Plumbing Service.

Here’s Why Need To Do All The Things Regarding Plumbing Checklist

Make sure that you consider all necessary things before purchasing a new home. You won’t need to spend a lot on Plumbing Repairs when you check out the items listed above. You can also inspect all the items listed above by yourself, or you can hire Professional Plumbers for it. Although, we recommend hiring proper experts for the job, just in case to make sure you don’t miss anything. Even if you miss something as minor as a leak, you can end up needing extended Plumbing Services.

Where To Get Professional Plumbing Inspection Service

Other than offering you valuable advice on the plumbing checklists, at Plumbing Bondi, we also offer various Plumbing Services. So, if you made a smart choice to hire Professional Plumbers for Inspection, you can call us. We will inspect the entire plumbing system and all the areas of the house to look for problems. Once our inspection is done, we will offer you a detailed report on our findings. And, if there are any problems, we will tell you about them along with estimated repair fees.