Low Hot Water Pressure Here is How to Deal With

What is the single most satisfying thing that can get rid of the winter blues? Yes, you guessed it right! A hot shower! But, you turn on the tap, and the water just dribbles and takes an awful lot of time. Now, you must be wondering about the reason for the incident. The culprit is – low hot water pressure. But, identifying it can be much more difficult than you think.

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If you are wondering about water pressure here is how to deal with them. But, first, you need to be aware of the causes before you can go in search of the solution. However, messing with the water heater system poses considerable risk. You might determine the cause, but it is advisable to leave the rest to the experts.

How to Fix the Low Hot Water Pressure?

There are various causes that can lead to a decrease in hot water pressure. It is vital to know and identify them before you can even start finding the solution. You can check out the causes of lower water pressure here is how to deal with these issues.

Damaged Shut-Off Valve

The main role of the shut-off valve is to turn off the water supply. It is used if the water heater systems need repairing. However, now the cause of low water pressure can either be a broken valve or it not being fully open. For this, you have to first check the valve. If it is not open to the full extent, twist it. But, if the valve is broken, then you will have to replace it.

Bent Copper Pipes

It is the copper wires that allow the water to flow. But, keep in mind that copper is pliable and is thus prone to bending. If this is the cause of the lower water pressure here is how to deal with it. Now, if the bending is not too much, then you can rebend it with ease. However, if it is too crooked, you have no choice but to replace it.

Defective Pressure Regulator

If you have a damaged pressure regulator at hand, then there is a possibility of random spurts and dips in the water pressure. The only thing you can do is measure the water pressure. For this, you will need a reputed pressure gauge. Ideally, the pressure must be between 52 to 75 psi. If it is less than the lower limit, you need professional aid.

Corrosion in Pipes

Old houses often face the issue pertaining to corroded pipes. It ultimately causes blockage and lowers water pressure. It can also cause a leak. If this is the reason for low hot water pressure here is how to deal with it. The best solution is to just replace the old ones. If the entire pipe is not damaged, you can cut off the damaged parts with expert assistance.

Can’t Determine the Cause of the Low Hot Water Pressure? – Contact the Experts

While knowing the reasons why you have low water pressure is vital in identifying the reason, it is still not enough for fixing it. It is better to leave the water heater system in capable hands. If you try to handle it on your own, you run the risk of severe burns and explosions (in some cases). Plumbing Bondi has years of experience in the field of plumbing. We only hire reputed experts, and all our plumbers are licensed. We offer high-quality service at affordable pricing. Moreover, we know the reasons for low hot water pressure here is how to deal with them. We employ the safest methods and only use the latest equipment. Give us a call and get rid of the frustration of low water pressure.