How To Fixing a Dripping Shower Head 5 Steps To Fix

Here Is How To Fix a Shower Leaking From The Head

One of the primary reasons that compel you to finish work early and rush home is a hot shower. However, a leaky shower can ruin the mood completely. Moreover, if you leave the problem unfixed, it will only get worse. Can you imagine the kind of water damage you will have in your hand? But, don’t worry! You do not need to call in the experts right away. There are some DIY tricks that you can use for fixing a dripping shower head.

Fixing a Dripping Shower Head

5 Simple Steps To Fix a Leaking Shower Head

There are multiple steps that you must follow for fixing a dripping shower head. Make sure that you have the required tools nearby. Take a look at the steps and decide for yourself if you can do it. However, if it does not work, the next step is to get in touch with the professionals.

Step 1: Shut Off The Water Supply For Fixing a Dripping Shower Head

Are you eager to know how to fix a dripping shower head Australia? The first thing that you must do is to turn off the water supply. Now, you may have difficulty in locating the valve that supplies water to the shower. In that case, just turn off the main unit. Remember that if you forget this step, you have a risk of flooding your house.

Now that the water supply is cut off, take a towel and place it near the pipe. Sometimes, there is lingering water that may come out of the pipe when the water supply is turned off.

Step 2: Detach The Shower Head

Now, the next step is to remove the showerhead. You can try it with your hands at first. However, with time, the pipe often gets tight. In that case, using the crescent wrench or pliers is the best solution. After you have unfastened it, locate the O-ring or the plastic washer.

Check to see if it is damaged due to prolonged use. These are often the main reason that leads to the dripping of the shower head. If it is too damaged, make the replacement. You can now repair a dripping shower head with ease.

Step 3: Remove The Debris From The Shower Head

Before you re-assemble the shower head, take the time to clean it. Sometimes, mineral deposits can decrease the flow of water coming out from the shower head. It can then have a substantial impact on water flow and pressure. Ultimately, it may contribute to a dripping showerhead.

For cleaning the showerhead, you will need water and vinegar. Take three cups of vinegar and some water and boil the mixture. Now, put the showerhead inside the solution and let it rest for at least half an hour. After that, take it out, rinse, and then use a toothbrush to get rid of the deposits. It is vital in fixing a dripping shower head.

Step 4: Use Teflon Tape For Fixing a Dripping Shower Head

Now, if the O-ring or the washer does not look too damaged, you do not need to replace it. Instead, use some Teflon tape. Take the tape and cover it around the pipe stem. Make sure it is tight, and do not wrap it multiple times. Also, focus on the extreme tip of the stem and ensure that the thread is there too.

Note: Make sure that you don’t run out of the tape while fixing a dripping shower head.

Step 5: Re-assemble The Shower Head and Turn on The Water Supply

The last step is to re-attach the showerhead back into its place. Use your hands to screw it and make sure that it is tight enough. Before leaving, use pliers to make a final turn. However, keep in mind that if you use too much force, then you might break the pipe or the shower head. Now, that will cause a hole in your wallet.

After the repair is done, turn on the water supply. Let the shower run for some time, and then switch it off. Wait for a few minutes and check whether the leak is still there.

However, sometimes the problem can be due to the faucet. In that case, you must know how to fix a dripping shower head faucet.

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There are numerous causes that can lead to a leaky shower head. If you are not too eager to bear the consequences, the best step is to repair it. Make sure that you do not delay the restoration. Now, there are some DIY fixes that can help you in fixing a dripping shower head. But, if the issue remains, getting in touch with the professionals is the better choice.

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