How To Install Gutter Guards On Metal Roof?

Did you know that a gutter guard can aid in the preventive maintenance of your gutter system? With these in place, you don’t have to worry about debris or leaves accumulating to block the gutter. That can eventually lead to severe consequences, including water damage. Moreover, they also prevent rodents and other pests from entering your property and creating chaos. In essence, the importance of gutter guards is simply undeniable. However, it can only work effectively if the installation is done properly. Do you want to know how to install gutter guards on metal roof?

Best Install Gutter Guards On Metal Roof

Steps to Install Gutter Guards on Metal Roof

There are numerous steps that you can follow in the installation of the gutter guards. However, before that, you need to collect some materials and tools.

Tools and materials needed –

  • Safety harness
  • Ladder
  • Gloves
  • Drill
  • Tin snips

Are you eager to understand how to install gutter guards on metal roof? Check out the steps listed below to know how to make the proper installations.

Clean the Gutter

The foremost thing that you must do is clean the gutter system properly. It is because the removal of the debris before the installation of the guard gutters will offer more security to the gutter. Moreover, the risk of blockage reduces considerably.

In order to clean the gutters, you must first take out the physical debris. For that, you can wash it with a hose. However, here you have to keep in mind the safety aspect. Water used for cleaning can make the gutters quite slippery. As a result, accidents are common.

Take Measurements of the Mesh

After the gutter is clean, you must take the proper measurement of the mesh. For this, take the mesh guard and roll them above the gutter. Make sure that you start from one end and finish at the section you are currently at.

Moreover, when you cut off the mesh roll, make sure that you leave overlaps at both ends. It is to ensure that you can secure it firmly. Generally, you will need about 20-30 cm of mesh for a specific section.

Apart from the length of the mesh guard, you must also consider the depth. It should cover the entire roof till the far corner of the gutter pipe.

Attach the Mesh Trim

Now, the next step involves securing the guard in its place with the usage of the already drilled pilot holes. For this, you need to place the first trim on one side of the gutter. Then, make sure that the mesh is actually below the trim starting from the roof to the end corner of the gutter.

Then, you must ensure that the mesh is placed flatly. After that, you have to secure the position of the trim by screwing them down. Then, you must continue securing the trim until you cover the gutter entirely. It is an essential step in – how to install gutter guards on the metal roof.

Make Proper Cuts of the Mesh

After the trimming is one, you have to make two specific cuts of about 40mm. These cuts must be made underneath every saddle in the second corrugation. It is to make sure that the shape of the mesh is in sync with the roof, which will offer an extra layer of protection.

After that, you must put the saddle in a way so that its sits above the mesh top perfectly.

Fix the Saddles

One of the most vital steps in how to install gutter guards on a metal roof is the fixing of the saddle with screws. For this, you must put some pressure on the saddle so that it does not slip and move from its designated position.

It is crucial that you take time while screwing the saddle. Moreover, keep in mind not to over-tighten the screws.

Installation of Ridge Caps

Though this step is not compulsory, installing the ridge caps is an excellent idea. However, if you can’t, then make sure that you cut off the mesh so that it fits perfectly over the ridge capping roll.

Protect the Gutter

The last step involves ensuring the protection of the gutter system. Another area that you need to consider for debris accumulation is the roof valley. You can place the mesh guard over the valley just like the gutter line.

These are the steps that you must follow in how to install & repair gutter guards on metal roof.

Expert Install Gutter Guards On Metal Roof

Having Issues With the Installation of Gutter Guards? Attain Professional Expertise Now!

Gutter guards offer a wide range of benefits, including protection from pest infestation and severe water damage. However, you must install it properly so that it can work effectively. For that, you must know how to install gutter guards on metal roof. Now, there are some DIY steps that you can follow. But, if you are not too sure, calling in the experts is the better choice.

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