How To Fix a Leaking Toilet Cistern Follow These 5 Pro Tips

Did you wake up to a wet bathroom floor? Is the water coming out from the toilet? Chances are it could be due to a leaky toilet cistern. Before understanding the consequences of a leaking cistern, it is vital to know what the component actually is. The toilet cistern, also known as a tank, is the component that stores the water until it is flushed out after using the toilet. A leaky toilet cistern can lead to toilet damage and increase water bills. It is vital that you resolve the issue quickly. Now, do you want to know how to fix a leaking toilet cistern?

There are some models in which the cistern is directly placed above the toilet or it can also be located at a distance above the toilet and connected with pipes. However, all of them operated via a flush mechanism that aids in the release of water from the toilet cistern to the bowl.

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Causes of Leaking Toilet Cistern

Before understanding how to fix a toilet cistern leak, it is vital to know the causes. It will help you find the best solution. The causes are –

  • Damaged spud washer
  • Worn washers located at the bolts
  • Inefficient flush valve
  • Crumbling flapper

What to Do When There is a Leaking Toilet Cistern?

There are several steps you can follow to resolve the leaky toilet cistern. However, for that, knowing how to fix toilet cistern leaking is crucial. There are indeed some DIY tips that you can implement before calling in the plumber. But, if you are not too sure, then it is always better to get in touch with the professionals.

Steps to Fix a Leaky Toilet Cistern

Before you understand how to fix a leaking toilet cistern in Bondi, you must try replacing the flapper. Moreover, make sure that you re-adjust the water level and see if the leak disappears. If it remains, then you can check out the following steps.

But, you must gather the necessary tools before you know how to fix a leaking toilet cistern.

The tools and materials needed are –

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Sponge
  • New fill valve
  • New tank bolts
  • New gasket
  • New spud washer
  • Wire brush
  • White vinegar
  • Towel

The steps in how to fix a leaking toilet cistern are –

Dry the working area

The foremost step that you need to do is inspect the working area. Moreover, keep a bucket handy to catch any water that might emerge. After that, switch off the water supply and then flush the toilet. Then, you must disconnect the water supply lines and make sure that the internal area of the tank is dry. For this, you can use the sponge.

Replace the fill valve

One of the main reasons that contribute to the leaking toilet cistern is damaged fill valves. That is why replacing these are crucial. In order to remove the existing ones, you can use the adjustable wrench. Make sure that you purchase a similar model from the hardware store. If there are differences in size, then it could be difficult to fit in. After that, install the new one and turn on the water supply line. Observe if the leak is still present. If it is, then check out the next step.

Install new toilet gaskets

Sometimes, dirty or worn out tank bolts can also lead to a leaky toilet cistern. Use the adjustable wrench and screwdriver to unfasten the tank bolt. Now is the best time to clean the tank bolt. For this, you can use white vinegar. Take a small wire brush to get rid of the dust, grime, and debris. Check if the spud washer needs replacement. If it doesn’t, then you can put in the nuts and bolts along with new gaskets. You can opt for alternate tightening of the toilet nuts to ensure a tight fit.

Unfasten the toilet cistern or tank

If the above step doesn’t fix the issue, then you must replace the washer. For that, firstly, pull up the cistern or tank from the base and then place it somewhere else. To avoid damage or scratch, place a towel before outing the cistern.

Note: The toilet cistern may appear small but have a considerable weight. Take the assistance of a helper if you want.

Put in the new spud washer

Another reason that can lead to a leaky toilet cistern is a damaged spud washer. Firstly, take apart the spud washer. You must buy the correct one from the hardware store in order to avoid a hassle in the future. Now, you must install the new one just above the flush valve ending. After that, put the toilet cistern back in its original place. Now, reassemble the gaskets, tank bolts, and nuts. Moreover, make sure to tighten the nuts properly.

Now, turn on the water supply line and the water valve to see if the leak is still there. There are high chances that the issue becomes resolved. If it doesn’t, you will need to contact the professionals for assistance. These are steps that you can follow in how to fix a leaking toilet cistern.

Having Toilet Issues? Get in Touch With the Experts Now!

There are various reasons that can lead to a leaky toilet cistern. However, fixing it as soon as possible is of paramount importance. If delayed, it can lead to a considerable increase in the water bill along with water damage. Fixing the toilet cistern is a simple DIY project that you can try. But, for that, you must know how to fix a cistern leak. However, if after following the steps, the problem isn’t solved, you must contact a professional toilet plumber.

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