How To Attach A Toilet Seat?

You may never imagine that you have to look for solutions to how to attach a toilet seat. However, the situation changes. And now you are in front of your broken toilet seat and trying to adjust the toilet seat. But, it is not easy to install a toilet seat without any knowledge. Therefore, it is better to seek help from your local plumbing service provider. But, it is better to have some basic knowledge in removing toilet seats rather than being entirely clueless. So, we have gathered some of the most asked questions on How To Attach A Toilet Seat. So, stay with us and learn the basics of toilet seats.

How To Attach A Toilet Seat

How To Replace A Toilet Seat?

After a while, the toilet seat starts to lose its function. Therefore, it leaves no choice but to replace the toilet seat. If the set is already broken into pieces, there is no problem. But, in the case of an intact toilet seat, you have to stop and think of solutions for How To Replace A Toilet Seat.

However, you don’t have to worry as we have a manual for How To Replace The Toilet Seat. Start the replacement by removing the toilet by disconnecting the water supply at the shut-off valve. Sometimes the water source is directly connected. So, you have to use a lubricant to break the corrosion. After that, remove the toilet tank by losing the mounting bolts using a ratchet wrench. However, it is available in two-piece toilet seats only. So, if it is not the case, you don’t have to worry about removing the toilet tank.

After that, remove the screws from the bottom of the toilet seat. The screws are tight enough to fix it to the floor. So, if you face difficulty in removing, you can put in a few drops of penetrating oils. Once you unscrew it, move the toilet seat side to side to loosen up the wax seal. Make sure to remove the old wax thoroughly and clean the flange and horn thoroughly. And you are done with replacing your toilet seat.

How To Fit A Toilet Seat?

Now that you have successfully removed the old toilet seat from the place, we have the method of How To Fit A Toilet Seat. After all, without a fitting toilet piece how would you attach a toilet seat?

So, we have asked professional plumbers about How To Attach A Toilet Seat. And now that we have the step-by-step procedure, let us share that with you. First thing first, make sure to stop the water source from all directions. If you leave the drainage line unused for a while, it will be more effective. The dry floor is mandatory for fitting the toilet seat. For that, you can use a plunger to remove the remaining water down the pipeline.

After that, inspect the flange. If the flange is in the right condition, you can adjust the new one above that. However, if you are not sure what to get, take a photo and show that to the local store. As it connects the water source to the toilet, it is a crucial step.

Now put down the new toilet seat and attach the replacement seal to the bottom of the bowl. After that align the bolts and screw them down to the floor. Make sure to keep a steady hand while pressing the toilet seat down. Otherwise, the alignments will change resulting in leaking. While tightening the bolts, try to balance both sides. And if the bolts are longer than your requirement, cut them short accordingly. 

Now take the toilet tank and attach it to the place and tighten the screws aligned to the toilet seat. Make sure to check all the bolts thoroughly. Once you adjust everything, turn on the water source and check the fitting thoroughly, and if there is any leakage, check the nuts once again. However, in the case of wax sealing, it will be better to let it rest for 24 hours before passing water through the toilet seat and pipeline.

So, now that you know How To Put A Toilet Seat On, get the right fitting of the toilet seat from the market and install it.

How To Replace Caroma Toilet Seat With Hidden Bolts?

The Caroma toilet seats look pretty and sophisticated. But, when it comes to replacing the old Caroma toilet, the scenario is not the same. For that, you need to follow some detailed methods. And if you don’t know How To Replace Caroma Toilet Seat With Hidden Bolts, we will share the method.

Start with taping the toilet seat with the lid and remove the nuts and bolts using the socket wrench. The hinge cover may need some extra force to open. After that, remove the plastic caps which are connected to the toilet bolt from below. Now detach the toilet seat from the hinge and inspect the hinge thoroughly. Check the screws thoroughly to get a clear idea of the hinge. Now use a suitable screwdriver to remove the screws. The screws are delicate and challenging. So, make sure to use lubricants to remove them without damage. Now that you have removed the screws, you can install a new one effortlessly.

Almost all types of toilet seats follow the same mechanism for replacement. So, the guide of How To Attach A Toilet Seat will work on these as well. However, the method slightly differs from location to location. So, If you want to know How To Replace A Toilet Seat in Australia, you can get in touch with professional plumbers and plumbing companies from Australia for more details.

5 Plumbing Checklist Before Buying A New House

The plumbing checklist you must pay atention

Take a moment to picture finding the house of your dreams. The neighborhood is idyllic and there is ample space for your growing family. Having a fresh start in your life is something you are looking forward to. You will however find that one thing is being hidden from you by the sellers. There is a serious Plumbing issue with the property. The sellers, who want to sell their house but avoid losing money on fixing it, wish to keep it a dark secret until then. So, let us tell you about the top 5 Plumbing Checklist you should check before buying a new home.

What is a plumbing CoC checklist?

It is a list of plumbing installations that you must get checked when you buy a new house. CoC also known as certificate of compliance is a measure of authenticity that you have everything related to plumbing in the best condition and ready for use if they have been found correct during filling the plumbing inspection checklist form. The list includes installation, repair, and replacement checking of the following plumbing fittings:

  1. Hot water system
  2. Coldwater system
  3. Sanitary ware and sanitary fittings
  4. Below ground drainage system
  5. Above ground drainage system
  6. Rainwater disposal system

This checklist for plumbing inspection is enough to assure you that you will have safe and operational plumbing fittings and systems in the house. 


What is a maintenance checklist in plumbing?

A maintenance checklist is prepared as a result of the Plumbing CoC Checklist. It means the plumbers will notify you about the plumbing fittings and systems that require maintenance service immediately for their safe use. You can also use this maintenance checklist for seasonal plumbing system checking and repair. 

However, you can also get a rough plumbing inspection checklist if you have no desire to get help from experts and follow the Plumbing CoC Checklist. 

1. Check The Septic System 

The first thing on your Plumbing Checklist should be septic systems. Septic systems, rather than local sewers, must be checked to ensure they are working properly. A drain camera should be run through the system if this is what you want to do. Because these are installed close to the ground, they may corrode or become damaged by tree roots. Broken sewage pipes are almost always the cause of septic tank problems. Due to their close proximity to the surface, these are subject to corrosion and tree root penetration. For the proper inspection, you can take help from the Plumbing Inspection Service.

2. Check The Pressure Of Water 

One more thing that we often overlook while purchasing a new property is the water pressure. Thus, Checking The Pressure Of Water should be on your Plumbing Checklist. A fully working Plumbing System has the appropriate water pressure in all the water taps. If the water pressure is not right, or it is close to zero then, it could mean hidden internal pipe damage. The only reason for Low Water Pressure is the leak in the Plumbing System and clogged pipes. The cost to repair such damage can be high, so you need to properly check the water pressure to avoid it.

3. Is The Hot Water System In The Perfect Condition?

It can be expensive to replace this critical appliance after you move into a new home. So, we always say not to miss this on your plumbing checklist. If a water heater is not functioning properly, be sure to check for:

  • The tank’s surfaces are rusted or corroded.
  • The tank is making strange noises
  • Ventilations, inlet or outlet, with leaks.
  • The hot water tap is leaking muddy or sandy fluids.
  • In most cases, appliances last for 15 years (most are built to last for that long).

For proper inspection, you can reach out to your local Hot Water Plumbing Experts. They will inspect the entire system to detect whether anything is out of place or not.

4. Check The Working Of Shut Off Valve

A Water Shut-Off Valve is the main point that is used to control the supply of water. If it’s in the on position, it will allow the water to flow freely. And if it’s in an off position, it will stop the water supply. However, an older model of shut-off valve can have internal damage due to all the water that was flowing inside. So, a Water Shutoff Valve is one of the best things that is often found in not-so-great conditions. So, you should always check the condition of the Shut Off Valve before you purchase a new property.

5. Condition Of Toilet and Bathroom

Regardless of how flawless or expensive the toilet and bathroom might look, they are also the first thing to get damaged. And, the amount of damage can range from a minor leak to an entire malfunction. Thus, you must consider this in your plumbing checklist. If you purchase a property with a damaged toilet and bathroom, you will be faced with an unimaginable cost of repair. Because the repair for a broken toilet and bathroom can easily be four digits. For a detailed inspection, you should go for Toilet Plumbing Service and Bathroom Plumbing Service.

Here’s Why Need To Do All The Things Regarding Plumbing Checklist

Make sure that you consider all necessary things before purchasing a new home. You won’t need to spend a lot on Plumbing Repairs when you check out the items listed above. You can also inspect all the items listed above by yourself, or you can hire Professional Plumbers for it. Although, we recommend hiring proper experts for the job, just in case to make sure you don’t miss anything. Even if you miss something as minor as a leak, you can end up needing extended Plumbing Services.

Where To Get Professional Plumbing Inspection Service

Other than offering you valuable advice on the plumbing checklists, at Plumbing Bondi, we also offer various Plumbing Services. So, if you made a smart choice to hire Professional Plumbers for Inspection, you can call us. We will inspect the entire plumbing system and all the areas of the house to look for problems. Once our inspection is done, we will offer you a detailed report on our findings. And, if there are any problems, we will tell you about them along with estimated repair fees.

How To Fix a Leaking Toilet Cistern Follow These 5 Pro Tips

Did you wake up to a wet bathroom floor? Is the water coming out from the toilet? Chances are it could be due to a leaky toilet cistern. Before understanding the consequences of a leaking cistern, it is vital to know what the component actually is. The toilet cistern, also known as a tank, is the component that stores the water until it is flushed out after using the toilet. A leaky toilet cistern can lead to toilet damage and increase water bills. It is vital that you resolve the issue quickly. Now, do you want to know how to fix a leaking toilet cistern?

There are some models in which the cistern is directly placed above the toilet or it can also be located at a distance above the toilet and connected with pipes. However, all of them operated via a flush mechanism that aids in the release of water from the toilet cistern to the bowl.

leaking toilet service

Causes of Leaking Toilet Cistern

Before understanding how to fix a toilet cistern leak, it is vital to know the causes. It will help you find the best solution. The causes are –

  • Damaged spud washer
  • Worn washers located at the bolts
  • Inefficient flush valve
  • Crumbling flapper

What to Do When There is a Leaking Toilet Cistern?

There are several steps you can follow to resolve the leaky toilet cistern. However, for that, knowing how to fix toilet cistern leaking is crucial. There are indeed some DIY tips that you can implement before calling in the plumber. But, if you are not too sure, then it is always better to get in touch with the professionals.

Steps to Fix a Leaky Toilet Cistern

Before you understand how to fix a leaking toilet cistern in Bondi, you must try replacing the flapper. Moreover, make sure that you re-adjust the water level and see if the leak disappears. If it remains, then you can check out the following steps.

But, you must gather the necessary tools before you know how to fix a leaking toilet cistern.

The tools and materials needed are –

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Sponge
  • New fill valve
  • New tank bolts
  • New gasket
  • New spud washer
  • Wire brush
  • White vinegar
  • Towel

The steps in how to fix a leaking toilet cistern are –

Dry the working area

The foremost step that you need to do is inspect the working area. Moreover, keep a bucket handy to catch any water that might emerge. After that, switch off the water supply and then flush the toilet. Then, you must disconnect the water supply lines and make sure that the internal area of the tank is dry. For this, you can use the sponge.

Replace the fill valve

One of the main reasons that contribute to the leaking toilet cistern is damaged fill valves. That is why replacing these are crucial. In order to remove the existing ones, you can use the adjustable wrench. Make sure that you purchase a similar model from the hardware store. If there are differences in size, then it could be difficult to fit in. After that, install the new one and turn on the water supply line. Observe if the leak is still present. If it is, then check out the next step.

Install new toilet gaskets

Sometimes, dirty or worn out tank bolts can also lead to a leaky toilet cistern. Use the adjustable wrench and screwdriver to unfasten the tank bolt. Now is the best time to clean the tank bolt. For this, you can use white vinegar. Take a small wire brush to get rid of the dust, grime, and debris. Check if the spud washer needs replacement. If it doesn’t, then you can put in the nuts and bolts along with new gaskets. You can opt for alternate tightening of the toilet nuts to ensure a tight fit.

Unfasten the toilet cistern or tank

If the above step doesn’t fix the issue, then you must replace the washer. For that, firstly, pull up the cistern or tank from the base and then place it somewhere else. To avoid damage or scratch, place a towel before outing the cistern.

Note: The toilet cistern may appear small but have a considerable weight. Take the assistance of a helper if you want.

Put in the new spud washer

Another reason that can lead to a leaky toilet cistern is a damaged spud washer. Firstly, take apart the spud washer. You must buy the correct one from the hardware store in order to avoid a hassle in the future. Now, you must install the new one just above the flush valve ending. After that, put the toilet cistern back in its original place. Now, reassemble the gaskets, tank bolts, and nuts. Moreover, make sure to tighten the nuts properly.

Now, turn on the water supply line and the water valve to see if the leak is still there. There are high chances that the issue becomes resolved. If it doesn’t, you will need to contact the professionals for assistance. These are steps that you can follow in how to fix a leaking toilet cistern.

Having Toilet Issues? Get in Touch With the Experts Now!

There are various reasons that can lead to a leaky toilet cistern. However, fixing it as soon as possible is of paramount importance. If delayed, it can lead to a considerable increase in the water bill along with water damage. Fixing the toilet cistern is a simple DIY project that you can try. But, for that, you must know how to fix a cistern leak. However, if after following the steps, the problem isn’t solved, you must contact a professional toilet plumber.

Plumbing Bondi offers a wide range of plumbing issues. Our team of reliable plumber Bondi has the necessary skill and expertise needed to tackle different scenarios. You can trust us to fix the toilet cistern with ease. Moreover, we use professional-grade tools and complete the work with efficiency. Furthermore, we charge attractive price rates and are available round the clock. Just give us a call, and we will be there immediately!

How To Install Gutter Guards On Metal Roof?

Did you know that a gutter guard can aid in the preventive maintenance of your gutter system? With these in place, you don’t have to worry about debris or leaves accumulating to block the gutter. That can eventually lead to severe consequences, including water damage. Moreover, they also prevent rodents and other pests from entering your property and creating chaos. In essence, the importance of gutter guards is simply undeniable. However, it can only work effectively if the installation is done properly. Do you want to know how to install gutter guards on metal roof?

Best Install Gutter Guards On Metal Roof

Steps to Install Gutter Guards on Metal Roof

There are numerous steps that you can follow in the installation of the gutter guards. However, before that, you need to collect some materials and tools.

Tools and materials needed –

  • Safety harness
  • Ladder
  • Gloves
  • Drill
  • Tin snips

Are you eager to understand how to install gutter guards on metal roof? Check out the steps listed below to know how to make the proper installations.

Clean the Gutter

The foremost thing that you must do is clean the gutter system properly. It is because the removal of the debris before the installation of the guard gutters will offer more security to the gutter. Moreover, the risk of blockage reduces considerably.

In order to clean the gutters, you must first take out the physical debris. For that, you can wash it with a hose. However, here you have to keep in mind the safety aspect. Water used for cleaning can make the gutters quite slippery. As a result, accidents are common.

Take Measurements of the Mesh

After the gutter is clean, you must take the proper measurement of the mesh. For this, take the mesh guard and roll them above the gutter. Make sure that you start from one end and finish at the section you are currently at.

Moreover, when you cut off the mesh roll, make sure that you leave overlaps at both ends. It is to ensure that you can secure it firmly. Generally, you will need about 20-30 cm of mesh for a specific section.

Apart from the length of the mesh guard, you must also consider the depth. It should cover the entire roof till the far corner of the gutter pipe.

Attach the Mesh Trim

Now, the next step involves securing the guard in its place with the usage of the already drilled pilot holes. For this, you need to place the first trim on one side of the gutter. Then, make sure that the mesh is actually below the trim starting from the roof to the end corner of the gutter.

Then, you must ensure that the mesh is placed flatly. After that, you have to secure the position of the trim by screwing them down. Then, you must continue securing the trim until you cover the gutter entirely. It is an essential step in – how to install gutter guards on the metal roof.

Make Proper Cuts of the Mesh

After the trimming is one, you have to make two specific cuts of about 40mm. These cuts must be made underneath every saddle in the second corrugation. It is to make sure that the shape of the mesh is in sync with the roof, which will offer an extra layer of protection.

After that, you must put the saddle in a way so that its sits above the mesh top perfectly.

Fix the Saddles

One of the most vital steps in how to install gutter guards on a metal roof is the fixing of the saddle with screws. For this, you must put some pressure on the saddle so that it does not slip and move from its designated position.

It is crucial that you take time while screwing the saddle. Moreover, keep in mind not to over-tighten the screws.

Installation of Ridge Caps

Though this step is not compulsory, installing the ridge caps is an excellent idea. However, if you can’t, then make sure that you cut off the mesh so that it fits perfectly over the ridge capping roll.

Protect the Gutter

The last step involves ensuring the protection of the gutter system. Another area that you need to consider for debris accumulation is the roof valley. You can place the mesh guard over the valley just like the gutter line.

These are the steps that you must follow in how to install & repair gutter guards on metal roof.

Expert Install Gutter Guards On Metal Roof

Having Issues With the Installation of Gutter Guards? Attain Professional Expertise Now!

Gutter guards offer a wide range of benefits, including protection from pest infestation and severe water damage. However, you must install it properly so that it can work effectively. For that, you must know how to install gutter guards on metal roof. Now, there are some DIY steps that you can follow. But, if you are not too sure, calling in the experts is the better choice.

Plumber Bondi provides different types of plumbing services. Our team of skilled plumbers, technicians, and gas fitters has the expertise and training needed to handle various crises. You can count on us to install the gutter guards with precision. Moreover, we use the latest equipment pieces and follow all safety protocols. Furthermore, with us, you do not have to worry about hidden charges. Lastly, you can get in touch with us whenever you want. Just give us a call!

How To Fixing a Dripping Shower Head 5 Steps To Fix

Here Is How To Fix a Shower Leaking From The Head

One of the primary reasons that compel you to finish work early and rush home is a hot shower. However, a leaky shower can ruin the mood completely. Moreover, if you leave the problem unfixed, it will only get worse. Can you imagine the kind of water damage you will have in your hand? But, don’t worry! You do not need to call in the experts right away. There are some DIY tricks that you can use for fixing a dripping shower head.

Fixing a Dripping Shower Head

5 Simple Steps To Fix a Leaking Shower Head

There are multiple steps that you must follow for fixing a dripping shower head. Make sure that you have the required tools nearby. Take a look at the steps and decide for yourself if you can do it. However, if it does not work, the next step is to get in touch with the professionals.

Step 1: Shut Off The Water Supply For Fixing a Dripping Shower Head

Are you eager to know how to fix a dripping shower head Australia? The first thing that you must do is to turn off the water supply. Now, you may have difficulty in locating the valve that supplies water to the shower. In that case, just turn off the main unit. Remember that if you forget this step, you have a risk of flooding your house.

Now that the water supply is cut off, take a towel and place it near the pipe. Sometimes, there is lingering water that may come out of the pipe when the water supply is turned off.

Step 2: Detach The Shower Head

Now, the next step is to remove the showerhead. You can try it with your hands at first. However, with time, the pipe often gets tight. In that case, using the crescent wrench or pliers is the best solution. After you have unfastened it, locate the O-ring or the plastic washer.

Check to see if it is damaged due to prolonged use. These are often the main reason that leads to the dripping of the shower head. If it is too damaged, make the replacement. You can now repair a dripping shower head with ease.

Step 3: Remove The Debris From The Shower Head

Before you re-assemble the shower head, take the time to clean it. Sometimes, mineral deposits can decrease the flow of water coming out from the shower head. It can then have a substantial impact on water flow and pressure. Ultimately, it may contribute to a dripping showerhead.

For cleaning the showerhead, you will need water and vinegar. Take three cups of vinegar and some water and boil the mixture. Now, put the showerhead inside the solution and let it rest for at least half an hour. After that, take it out, rinse, and then use a toothbrush to get rid of the deposits. It is vital in fixing a dripping shower head.

Step 4: Use Teflon Tape For Fixing a Dripping Shower Head

Now, if the O-ring or the washer does not look too damaged, you do not need to replace it. Instead, use some Teflon tape. Take the tape and cover it around the pipe stem. Make sure it is tight, and do not wrap it multiple times. Also, focus on the extreme tip of the stem and ensure that the thread is there too.

Note: Make sure that you don’t run out of the tape while fixing a dripping shower head.

Step 5: Re-assemble The Shower Head and Turn on The Water Supply

The last step is to re-attach the showerhead back into its place. Use your hands to screw it and make sure that it is tight enough. Before leaving, use pliers to make a final turn. However, keep in mind that if you use too much force, then you might break the pipe or the shower head. Now, that will cause a hole in your wallet.

After the repair is done, turn on the water supply. Let the shower run for some time, and then switch it off. Wait for a few minutes and check whether the leak is still there.

However, sometimes the problem can be due to the faucet. In that case, you must know how to fix a dripping shower head faucet.

Having Issues With The Fixing a Dripping Shower Head? Get in Touch With Us Now!

There are numerous causes that can lead to a leaky shower head. If you are not too eager to bear the consequences, the best step is to repair it. Make sure that you do not delay the restoration. Now, there are some DIY fixes that can help you in fixing a dripping shower head. But, if the issue remains, getting in touch with the professionals is the better choice.

As your Local Plumber Bondi, we offer a wide array of plumbing services. Our team of expert plumbers, gas fitters, and technicians can easily handle the different issues. Moreover, we use premium-quality tools and only opt for the safest method. We also charge affordable price quotes and are available round the clock. If you are having trouble with the showerhead, just give us a call!

Toilet Leaking Into Bowl 5 Reason and Solutions

Toilet Leaking Into Bowl Here is The Step-by-Step Solutions

The toilet is one of the most vital and low-maintenance fixtures in your house. Apart from cleaning at regular intervals, it does not really require anything special. However, when issues arise, it is better to get them fixed as soon as possible. For instance, when the toilet leaking into the bowl happens, you need to know the reasons and start the repair process immediately.

Now, there are some DIY steps that you can follow. However, if the issue remains, it is better to give a call to the professionals. They can fix the problem without making the condition worse.

Toilet Leaking Into Bowl

Deal With Slow Water Leak in Toilet Bowl

Do you hear spontaneous refilling of your toilet? Now, you might be thinking that you have misheard, but that is not the case. The toilet leaking into a bowl does happen and is often called “Phantom flushes”. In this particular scenario, a toilet flushes itself periodically.

Now, the cause for this issue of toilet cistern leaking into the bowlis a slow water leak into the toilet bowl from the tank. The basic reason is a worn flapper or the flapper seat.

The best solution for this is to drain the entire toilet bowl and tank. Then, you must locate the flapper and check its condition. You can also ensure the cleanliness of the flapper seat. And if the flapper is too damaged, it is vital that you consider a replacement flapper for the toilet.

Here is Why Toilet Pipe Leaking When I Flush

One of the main causes that can lead to toilet pipes leaking when you flush is a hole in the pipe. Moreover, you can also encounter damage to the pipes. Furthermore, the sealant may wear down, causing the leakage.

Now, you can try re-sealing with tapes and the sealing compound. However, if the issue persists, calling in the professionals is the right choice. You have to check some issues which are common in this type of plumbing problems so we are suggesting you to check some falts first.

  • You Have To Check Pipe If There Is Any Hole
  • Check The Joints and Solutions If Any Damages
  • Check For Broken or Damaged Pipes

Toilet Leaking From Tank Here Is What To Do

Are you unsure where the source of the leak is? In that case, you can opt for the water level test to tackle Toilet Leaking From Tank To Bowl. Firstly, you must ensure that you have a full tank. Then, turn off the water from the valve below. The most vital step is to remember that you do not flush the toilet.

After that, mark the current level of water in the tank. Wait for half an hour and then check the water level. If the level drops, then you must repeat the process. Stop only when the water level no longer goes down. The moment the water levels stop declining, you have found the leak.

Now, there can be two potential reasons for the toilet leaking into bowl. These include worn out flappers or damage to the flush valve. In the case of the flapper, it is advisable to change it. You can also try to repair flush valve drain. The best solution for the flush valve is to change flush valve.

Dual Flush Toilet Leaking into Bowl

A dual flush toilet enables you to save water and consequently reduce the water bill. Despite the advanced technology, issues occur. If you suddenly hear the toilet leaking into bowl, do not panic! It can happen at times and is easily fixed.

Now, there are various causes that can lead to this problem of water trickling into the toilet bowl. The most prominent one is the misalignment or damage of the flapper. With the passage of time, the flapper gets worn out. In that case, the only solution is to replace it. However, in some cases, it might simply get misaligned. Then, you must take out the flush valve canister and then re-align the seal again. You can even apply Vaseline to see if it works.

Having Issues With The Toilet? Get in Touch With The Professionals Now!

There are various reasons that can explain why toilet leaking into bowl happens. Moreover, there are several DIY tricks that you can apply to fix the issue. But, sometimes, it might not be that easy. In that case, calling in the experts is the better alternative.

We, Plumbing Bondi, offer a wide range of plumbing services. Our expert team of plumbers and technicians has the technical training and experience needed to tackle any issue. Moreover, they use high-quality tools and ensure safety. We provide affordable price quotes and are always open. You can call us whenever you want, and we will be there right away!

Low Hot Water Pressure Here is How to Deal With

What is the single most satisfying thing that can get rid of the winter blues? Yes, you guessed it right! A hot shower! But, you turn on the tap, and the water just dribbles and takes an awful lot of time. Now, you must be wondering about the reason for the incident. The culprit is – low hot water pressure. But, identifying it can be much more difficult than you think.

Today we will clear through this blog low hot water pressure in shower, low hot water pressure shower, low hot water pressure in shower australia, low hot water pressure in whole house

If you are wondering about water pressure here is how to deal with them. But, first, you need to be aware of the causes before you can go in search of the solution. However, messing with the water heater system poses considerable risk. You might determine the cause, but it is advisable to leave the rest to the experts.

How to Fix the Low Hot Water Pressure?

There are various causes that can lead to a decrease in hot water pressure. It is vital to know and identify them before you can even start finding the solution. You can check out the causes of lower water pressure here is how to deal with these issues.

Damaged Shut-Off Valve

The main role of the shut-off valve is to turn off the water supply. It is used if the water heater systems need repairing. However, now the cause of low water pressure can either be a broken valve or it not being fully open. For this, you have to first check the valve. If it is not open to the full extent, twist it. But, if the valve is broken, then you will have to replace it.

Bent Copper Pipes

It is the copper wires that allow the water to flow. But, keep in mind that copper is pliable and is thus prone to bending. If this is the cause of the lower water pressure here is how to deal with it. Now, if the bending is not too much, then you can rebend it with ease. However, if it is too crooked, you have no choice but to replace it.

Defective Pressure Regulator

If you have a damaged pressure regulator at hand, then there is a possibility of random spurts and dips in the water pressure. The only thing you can do is measure the water pressure. For this, you will need a reputed pressure gauge. Ideally, the pressure must be between 52 to 75 psi. If it is less than the lower limit, you need professional aid.

Corrosion in Pipes

Old houses often face the issue pertaining to corroded pipes. It ultimately causes blockage and lowers water pressure. It can also cause a leak. If this is the reason for low hot water pressure here is how to deal with it. The best solution is to just replace the old ones. If the entire pipe is not damaged, you can cut off the damaged parts with expert assistance.

Can’t Determine the Cause of the Low Hot Water Pressure? – Contact the Experts

While knowing the reasons why you have low water pressure is vital in identifying the reason, it is still not enough for fixing it. It is better to leave the water heater system in capable hands. If you try to handle it on your own, you run the risk of severe burns and explosions (in some cases). Plumbing Bondi has years of experience in the field of plumbing. We only hire reputed experts, and all our plumbers are licensed. We offer high-quality service at affordable pricing. Moreover, we know the reasons for low hot water pressure here is how to deal with them. We employ the safest methods and only use the latest equipment. Give us a call and get rid of the frustration of low water pressure.

How To Change a Tap Washer in a Shower?

Expertise Solutions For How To Change a Tap Washer in a Shower

Want expert advice on How To Change a Tap Washer in a Shower? Get all the information related to how to change a washer on a shower tap, how to change a washer in a shower mixer tap, how to change a washer on a shower mixer tap, or any plumbing emergencies with our local and experienced team.

The dripping sound that emerges from a leaky tap washer is absolutely irritating and seems to cause a lot of frustration. You suddenly start hearing it all the time, and within no time, it becomes a real annoyance. And, it’s really worse if the leak is in the shower. Can you imagine your bathroom wet all the time or the constant sound wherever you go in? However, simply wishing it away won’t help.

Changing a tap washer in a shower is not a daunting task. It also does not require you to have detailed knowledge of plumbing. However, you must at least have the tools needed and know the ways to use them. If you are eager to be a self-sufficient homeowner, then you must know how to change the washer in a shower on your own.

Here Are The Steps How To Change a Tap Washer in a Shower

Keep in mind that tap washers do not last forever. They are often in need of change, and you can do the repair yourself if you follow the steps compiled here and you will definitely get the best result for How To Change a Tap Washer in a Shower just follow the steps.

  • Cut off the water supply: It is unwise to start the procedure of changing the washer without turning off the water supply. You can shut off the supply of water from the nearest valve. If you find difficulty in locating it, then you can just turn off the main water supply.
  • Remove the screw from the faucet handle: Then, you must look out for the screw that keeps the faucet handle together. It may be close to the escutcheon or beneath the handle. After you find it, use a screwdriver to take off the screw.
  • Take off the handle: When you take off the screw, the handle loosens, making it easy for you to keep it aside.
  • Unscrew the escutcheon: Now, you must be on the lookout for the screws that ensure that the escutcheon is held properly. Once you locate them, remove the screws so that you can put aside the escutcheon and take a look at the cartridge.
  •  Loosen the cartridge: Use pliers to get a hold of the cartridge and then turn it in the counterclockwise direction. Keep doing it until it becomes easy to remove from the wall.
  • Remove the old washer: When the cartridge comes out, you will see the washer that is located at the base. To take out the old washer, use a screwdriver. You can also use pliers in some cases.
  • Put in the new washer: Now, you must place the new one, and make sure that it is not loose. Whenever you go out to buy new washers, pay special attention to the sizes. The wrong one will trouble you again.

Then, you have to follow the above-mentioned steps in reverse to put back the shower faucet. Make sure that you do not miss any of the steps. 

Contact Professional Tap Repair Plumbers For Effective Result

You can solve your problem through Professionals Plumbing help and we will solve your query How To Change a Tap Washer in a Shower? Having some necessary plumbing skills is a brilliant notion. However, sometimes, there are issues that you cannot conclude without expert knowledge and experience. This is where professionals save the day.

Their years of working have given them the skill to assess and then take the steps required for the repairing needed. We offer excellent tap repairing services. Our team of experts and professionals is well aware of the various methods and employs them to give you the best result possible. Drop-in a call, and we will change your tap washer instantly due to which there will be no waste of water on the time.

What is A Commercial Plumber? And It’s Benefits

What is A Commercial Plumber and What They Do?

What is A Commercial Plumber? Today we will clear everything about plumbing and what does a commercial plumber do? We have mention everithing in this blog to make you understand about the commercial job.

Plumbing problems are quite common and it can be found in homes, offices, and other commercial buildings. A leaky pipe, dysfunctional toilets, and clogged drain can be quite problematic for anyone. And when it happens in commercial space, these problems become more irritating than anything. Avoiding such problems for a long time can worsen the situation and costs more. To make sure your business doesn’t get affected due to such minor or major plumbing issues, hire a commercial plumber and get it fixed straight away. 

You can find a wide range of commercial plumbing services at Plumbing Bondi. Call us now and avail of plumbing maintenance and fixing services at a reasonable price. 

What is Commercial Plumbing?

What is A Commercial Plumber
What is A Commercial Plumber

When we categorise based on the nature of work, there are two types of plumbing services. One is Residential Plumbing Services and the other is Commercial Plumbing Services. The latter refers to plumbing services to buildings such as hospitals, schools, small and large businesses, multi-family units, etc. There’s a little to no difference between residential and commercial plumbing services. The only thing that differentiates one from another is that commercial plumbing is more time consuming, complex, and needs special instruments. 

What Does a Commercial Plumber Do?

By the way, it is the job of any plumber to fulfill your general requirements regarding plumbing work. But commercial plumber is much more advanced than a general plumber, and they are 24 hours ready for service. The services that come under commercial plumber are as follows:

Benefits of Commercial Plumbing

You must be thinking about why you should hire a commercial plumber when a normal plumber can also do the task. Yes, a residential plumber can also do the tasks but with less effectiveness. To help you understand why you should avail commercial plumbing service, we have mentioned a few benefits of commercial plumbing below – 

Benefit Number One

Commercial plumber helps in improving the working of drain and sewer lines in a specific area. When you face any kind of plumbing issues in your commercial space, you would love to get it addressed and fixed as soon as possible. With years of experience in plumbing, a commercial plumber can easily figure out the issue and fixed it without any delay. 

Benefit Number Two 

Unlike residential plumber, a commercial plumber also helps you with the pipe framework for the better plumbing system. They not only provide you with assistance but also helps you in choosing what’s best for your building. They also replace the gas lines in case of any damage. 

Benefit Number Three

No need to hire 4 different plumbers to do 4 different plumbing tasks. A commercial plumber has years of experience and knowledge. They have worked on various sorts of projects and wide ranges of plumbing requirements. When you hire a commercial plumbing service provider, you get to ask him to look into any plumbing matter on site. They have every kind of equipment and tools to carry out your task with ease. 

Hire Commercial Plumbing Today

If you are not certain about the proper working of pipelines of your buildings, make sure you get it checked by a commercial plumber as soon as possible. You can find a professional to do your task on your own or you can contact us. We are Plumbing Bondi and we have various types of plumbing professionals who can easily do your job. To make sure you don’t feel uninterested due to the high bill, we have kept our prices reasonable. You also get an estimated price for the task you require. If you’re facing any kind of plumbing issue in your commercial spaces, hurry now and call us.

Signs Indicating You Must Replace Your Hot Water System

Replace Your Hot Water System – We all need hot water in winters. Without a hot water system, it’s hard to do any day to day chores. You need it for washing dishes, taking baths, and also while cleaning clothes. Due to its versatile functionality, a hot water system works very hard to fulfil your needs. As the hot water system gets older, the heating capacity decreases and the use of water increases. If you are facing any issue regarding a hot water system, you can see the rise in electricity and water bills. To avoid paying high bills, we advise you to get it fixed as soon as possible.

As winters are already there, you must be using your hot water system these days. To make sure you don’t run out of hot water in this chilled season, you should give a check if your hot water system is indicating any kind of issue. 

Replace Your Hot Water System

These are some indicating signs –

  1. Ageing Hot Water System – Just like any other electrical equipment, a hot water system also has a limited lifespan. Once you use it for more than 10 hours, it starts deteriorating. If your hot water system is older than a decade, you must give a serious thought about replacing. Old hot water systems often consume more water and cause a high electricity bill. 
  1. Rusty Water – The most common signs of a bad hot water system is the rusty flavour in the water. You can also find out that there’s a red tint in the colour of the water. As the heating plate of a hot water system is made from metal, it is destined to get rusted. If there’s any sign of rust, please replace your water heater as soon as possible. 
  1. Loud Noises – Loud Noises are irritating. And when it is coming from your hot water system, it becomes threatening too.
  1. Water Leak – Water leak indicates that there must be some damage or crack in your hot water system. If you find any water leak, you shouldn’t tolerate it at any cost. As a hot water system is also an electrical appliance, you would not love it to be the reason for something disastrous. 

Don’t let a faulty hot water system ruin your winters. Get it replaced if you find any of these indicating signs. If there’s an inadequate heating issue, you must hire a Hot Water System Plumbing professional to get it checked. If he tells you to get it replaced, do replace it. 

Looking for a Hot Water System Plumbing Problem?

You may find many plumbing professionals for Replace Your Hot Water System around the city. But the chances of getting a right plumber and that too, at reasonable fees, is very low. To avoid any kind of hassle, save our toll-free number in your contact feed. We are Plumbing Bondi and we provide professional plumbing solutions of many kinds. Call us.